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High Quality

Marus Global Consulting (MGC) is an innovative multi-tasking company working in several areas of consulting. Our philosophy is reflected in the slogan – HIGH QUALITY. High quality is our marker, trend and main landmark. MGC’s mission is to make clients’ lives brighter, easier, and shorten the way from an idea to its realization as much as possible.

Over the past year alone, we have created several unique products, including the Marus Club, a concierge service for foreigners specializing in addressing the everyday as well as the most extraordinary wishes of Kiev guests. This is legal support, services in the field of logistics, visa and medical assistance, travel, purchase and rental of cars / real estate.

At the same time, we introduced the Marus Marriage Agency to the market so that lonely hearts from all over the world could find their soul mate and not be afraid to be deceived.

A separate area of the company’s activity is the casting agency Marus Casting. We have gathered a huge database of talented people in the maximum age range, which is daily replenished with professional talented models, actors, photographers. Here you can either place your own casting, or order the full casting service: from developing an idea to the final product.

We have created a free educational platform Marus Education for the selection of developmental and educational courses. There are more than 100 of them in our menu, and this number continues to grow every day. Have you always dreamed of sorting out wine, like a sommelier, playing the guitar, doing yoga, ballroom dancing or extreme driving? Then you have to come to us!

In addition, Marus Global Consulting organizes children and adult events. For entertainment, we have two separated departments: Marus Kids (children programs) and Marus Event (corporate events and celebrations for adults). We hold unforgettable events for children and adults, master classes, quests, work with animators, arrange unique ice, paper and soap bubble show, we provide photo and video accompaniment of the holidays.

We value our time and the time of our customers and make life easier and brighter at the highest level! HIGH QUALITY (HQ) is the main benchmark and indicator of our services. It is a goal, an achievement, and at the same time a process. We work for you to relax!

People with HQ level are the leaders of a new generation, whose cooperation will change the world. – Igor Marus

HQ – philosophy that will become a trend

Marus Global Consulting is an innovative company that provides an integrated approach to solving many problems. In particular, MGC provides consulting in the field of legal services, concierge services for foreigners, issues related to legalization, education, as well as brings to the market its own marriage agency Marus Marriage Agency and Marus Production. A separate business-line of the company is the communications department – Marus Communication, which main mission is to provide information support for the company’s clients, provide marketing and PR services, image development, reputation risk adjustment and other services related to personal branding and advertising in general.

What inspired you to create such a global company? What are your goals?

Earlier, for several years I was engaged in consulting in the field of legal support for foreigners in Ukraine, since I myself am a non-resident of this country. I have dual citizenship of Moldova and Bulgaria, I lived and worked in America for about 5 years, then I lived in Italy, and by chance I came here. Complaints against marriage agencies and requests for legal security in connection with this were often appearing among appeals from foreigners. I went deep into the subject and was a bit shocked. In a country where the most beautiful women of the world live, there is an established business of trading girls, their reputation under the pretext of finding a spouse. Luring photos and videos from beautiful girls or downloading them from social networks – organized groups of translators communicate on special dating sites with foreigners. The main purpose of the correspondence is to fish out money, gifts and other resources. As a result, the image of the country and women suffers first, I decided that it was unfair, and a huge number of girls who wanted to get married gave me the idea to organize the first honest marriage agency for which the main goal is a wedding and a strong family for applicants.

As a foreigner, are you also interested in finding a Ukrainian bride?

I will not hide, the Ukrainian women are beautiful, clever and cunning at the same time. As in the rest of the world, I would like first of all to help and work with decent women, and not with those who are accustomed to use others to pull the chestnuts out of the fire. Alas, there are a lot of such people in Ukraine. I myself faced consumerism and injustice in my life and realized how wrong one can about others. Therefore, to become a client of our agency, you need to fill in 6 levels of information about yourself, which are a guarantee that the girl has serious intentions and she does not hide anything from us or from the applicants.

Can you tell more about these 6 levels?

The philosophy of my company is reflected in our slogan – HIGH QUALITY (HQ). And we pursue HQ in everything we do, as the main landmark! HQ is a marker, a trend, a whole philosophy, I can talk about it separately and present it later. 6 levels of information include general questionnaire, photos, video – business card, information about income, information about health, about parents, psychological tests and of course reputational audit. The woman who is ready to provide all the information falls into our HQ-TOP and can claim a man of the same level. We do not want to offer a cat in a bag and trust here is a very important component. Today we are building channels of cooperation with different countries and are not going in a standard way. We are precisely raising our contacts, friends, and connections in order to at most avoid getting onto the common paths that have already discredited themselves in the market. And the level of candidates who want to meet their future spouse in Ukraine today is very high. The same high is the level of their expectations. They want natural beauty, education, acquaintance with parents, children’s photos and honesty, aspirations to develop and grow, and not to be a burden to a husband. They don’t need kept women or just beautiful dolls. Now soul and feelings are in the trend, simplicity, kindness and family values. We want to meet customer expectations and guarantee quality service relating to this issue.

Concierge service probably also arose due to the need to provide services to foreigners?

Yes, in Ukraine the concierge service is more focused on services abroad. We also need to meet customers and guests here in Ukraine. And they have quite high demands on the quality of service. Therefore, we have created a separate direction. Now we conclude partnership contracts with tour operators, hotels, restaurants and shopping guides, medical institutions, car rental providers and many others. We invite partners to cooperate.

And why do you need medical institutions in cooperation?

Foreigners have a request for medical care in Ukraine. Our doctors are very quoted abroad. Therefore, they come here for dentistry, cardiology, surgery, plastics, injection medicine, general examinations. This is a new niche and we confidently intend to develop it as a separate case as part of the Marus Club concierge service.

As for the reputational audit, what is it?

I believe that reputation is the most valuable coin in the arsenal of any person. Sometimes because of extra emotions or levity, people drop their reputation very low and do not know later how to restore it. In this regard, we cooperate with the partners of our company – Lighthouse Consulting Agency (www.lighthouse.promo). They conduct a reputational audit and develop recommendations for creating and maintaining the image. Many girls and women need such a service, and if they want to look dignified and perfect in front of their future spouses, they will certainly take advantage of this chance.

And the last thing, you first said about education for your clients. What are you teaching of?

Now it is very of style to study. This is also one of the features of HQ (HIGH QUALITY)! We are now creating different schools – the School of Unique Women, the School of Family Happiness, the School of Sensation, the School of Predictions, we will cooperate with the schools of yachting, piloting, golf, extreme driving, riding. After all, HQ must be consistent. This is not just a way of thinking, it is a way of life and we know how to change it in the right direction. Finally, I would like to invite everyone to visit our web-site, which until the new year will be as full as possible and presented – www.marus.com.ua. Fill out the questionnaire, boldly attract changes in your life! All your personal information is confidential! With us, you and your reputation are protected at all levels. The web-site will be useful to those who are looking for family happiness, love and qualified help. Those who are tired of the lies and lack of professionalism of other agencies. For those who are ready to change mediocrity for HIGH QUALITY and for those who have just been ready for a long time.

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